Valuable Tips for Successful Football Betting

One common thing that is consistently present on your mind when you bet your money on a football team is – ‘to win’. However, to become a highly successful football punter you will have to nurture five important traits. It will be quite helpful for world cup 2018 betting, which is just around the corner.

Six traits of successful bettor

  1. Discipline – Remember to control your patterns of making a bet despite the fact that you are emotionally excited at that moment. Challenges can come in different forms such as – desperation to win after losing many bets, absolutely certain about winning, feeling unbeatable after winning several bets in succession, greed and stupidity.

  2. Find a good betting site – look at this recommended site to find a best and safe aussie betting site
  3. Diligence – Make a comprehensive analysis of match aspects before wagering on a team. If you are not good at match analysis, you can research on the Web or subscribe to some reputable sports advisory services.
  4. Courage – To bet against the other bettors need courage.
  5. Appropriate planning – A good betting strategy protects your gaming bank account. Ultimately, you can wager more amounts, when betting funds grow. Deciding on an amount to win in one season will help you decide how forceful or insistent you desire your plan to be. Always stick to your plan.
  6. Patience – Patience supports discipline. You do not have to win all the time. Remember there is always the next season or match. Understanding this will prevent you from needless possibilities and guard your gaming bank account.

Football betting differs from customary casino games. In casino, the house has an integral edge, but a football bettor can stay ahead by staking money on strong teams and avoiding teams with negative expected results.

It is essential to have basic knowledge about betting on world cup 2014 for new punters and choose a safe UK bet website. First, it is wise to understand the jargons handicap and how it works.


It means to give Team A several or one point advantage to direct the betting field. A handicap makes football competitive in bettor’s eyes. Handicapping means, acquiring and applying appropriate information, it is like attempting to forecast the future. The point spread is set by bettors after considering the odds

Teams performances in prior or this season against each other

  • Playing surface
  • Weather forecast
  • Home field advantage
  • Star player injuries
  • Team morale
  • Happenings in players personal life

You will soon come to know that everyone’s views, opinion and experience differ, while betting on football games.

Second thing to understand before betting on world cup 2014 is the kind of bets that can be placed. There are –

Full time result or WLD (win, lose or draw)

  • Normal time
  • U/O (Under or Over)
  • HT/FT (Half time or full time)
  • FGS (First Goal Scorer)
  • LGS (Last Goal Scorer)
  • HTR (Half Time Result)
  • AH (Asian Handicap)
  • Teasers
  • Parlay and more

Below are some secrets that will give a bettor an edge over other wagers.

  1. Avoid betting on handicap odds – Football is unpredictable game, so betting on strong team can backfire at times. Therefore, bet U/O odds, where you win money despite any one team makes a goal.
  2. In game betting – You can bet when the game starts and is in progress. No need to predict just wager as the game shapes. You can wait for odds to perk up and then stake to get better payouts.

Remember to make a research in advance – Read about the teams, players and their current performances. It will help you to stake accurately.