The History of Slot Machines

Slot machine games are undoubtedly the most popular casino game throughout the globe. These games appeal to all different kinds of people who are interested in gambling. Throughout the years, slot machines have transformed into modern styles, even appearing as video slots and slot machine games you can play online. You may be surprised to know that people who enjoy these games are also interested in the history and origin of slot machines. The purpose of this article will enlighten those very people who are interested. If you want to try this popular online game, first you need to get more information about free spins no deposit bonuses here at Lucksters.

The Beginning of the Slot Machine

First of all, the history of slot machines originated from the Liberty Bell. Charles Fey was responsible for developing the slot machine prototype, which is where the modern day slot machines stem from. In 1895, Charles Fey, a car mechanic, discovered the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell was a slot machine that featured 3 spinning reels, each with 4 symbols; a heart, diamond, spade and the fractured Liberty Bell. Upon spinning the wheel, if 3 Liberty Bells showed up, you would win the jackpot, which was a total of 50 cents (10 nickels). However, the machine was not fool proof. It was easy to trick the game because the same lever used to spin the wheel was also the same lever that controlled which symbols showed up.

The Slot Machine Goes Electronic

In 1964, the old, traditional slot machines were replaced by more innovative electronic slot machines. The very first slot machine, referred to as Money Honey, was introduced by a company called Bally Manufacturing. The original springs used in the older slot machines were replaced by electrical engineering. 11 years later in 1975, Walt Fraley released the very first video slot machine, known as Fortune Coin. Though people were excited about this new revelation, many initially showed skepticism because of the way the machine worked and its reliability. However, as time passed, people began to warm up to the machine and the video slot machines became an extremely coveted and anticipated way of playing slots in the casino. As video slot machines continued to grow in popularity, the idea was finally brought to the World Wide Web (more commonly known as the internet), to allow people to enjoy the game of slots from the comfort of their own homes.

How Casino Slot Machines Work

The best free slots machines at casinos continue to be the game of choice. While the original models of the slot machines could be easily manipulated, the modern versions do not lack the proper security. They feature complex technology to prevent anyone from being able to control the lever and the outcomes, as was done on the earlier models. Right after your turn starts, you will be able to see the spinning reels, which will stop and then show you what your results were. Nevertheless, the outcome of the game is predetermined by a generator within the game that randomly chooses numbers. Even though modern day slot machines feature complicated and fool proof technology, they are no doubt a game to be enjoyed by anyone.