Casino Tips

Game Selection

The game you choose to play can make a big difference in how your gambling experience will be. If you pick a difficult game with bad odds for the player and you are not very experienced at the game then not only will you not win any money but will probably not have any fun either. If you are not a very experienced gambler you should stick to some of the easier games games like the slots, roulette and even baccarat. These are all games that rely more on luck then any real skill.


When playing in a new casino against other gamblers your attitude is important. A loosing attitude will show others your lack of confidence and allow them to run all over you. If you project a crisp and clear winning attitude the other players will respect you more and may not try to get you as they would someone else who seems weaker.

Betting Strategy

The most important thing to remember is never bring all your money to the table with you. This makes it too easy to dip into your funds if you start to lose. Leave some of it in your room or if you are playing in an online casino then do not deposit all of your funds into your online casino account leave some of it in a third party electronic funds transfer account so if you start to lose you will have to transfer more to play more. Making it just that much harder to get at your money will make it that much harder to lose it all on a bad day.

The next thing to remember is to make your bets no bigger then 2% of your funds available to bet, and if you get down to half of what you have brought with you, you need to then make your bets 2% of what you have left. This will allow you to go about 100 rounds before you run out of money. If you can not win some cash before the 100 hands are played, you really need to leave log out of the online casino and wait for your cold streak to end.
Time Limit

Set a specific time to stop gambling and that the alarm on your cell phone or watch to ring 10 minutes before the time is up and when the time is up. This will allow you to finish your hand by the time the alarm goes off. When your time is up your should walk away from the table and spend a few hours doing some non gambling related activity. If you are in a casino you can go see a or go to hotels health spa for a workout and a sauna. If you are logged in to an online casino you can go watch some tv go out for a drive, clean the house, cook something to eat or do anything that you would do, but the key is stop gambling for 2 to 3 hours. This will allow you to clear your head and prepare for another round if you so desire.

Using these tips will help keep you at the table longer and give you a better chance of going home with some of the casinos money.